What if…, But it is.

What if life can only run on music. What if music was the only thing that powered us. Music is balance and without it we are nothing. “Without music, we would drawn in the silence of the world. We would be blind to the beauty of melodies, beats, and rhythm.”-me.  We would not distinguish day from night and the universe would be in chaos. Without music, we would be isolated from true happiness. Music doesn’t judge nor does it fail, instead it brings us joy and happiness. Even the saddest song, brings some joy to our starving souls. Some days I just want to leave everything and just listen to music and dance through life. I tell the music of life, “Without you, I am nothing; When I am with you, I see and understand the universe.” But truly I say to you, We all have the music in us we just need to learn how to listen to IT, nourish, and let ourselves follow the beat of life. Music is in our lives and we dance to the beat of it. My appreciation of music is due to my parents, that introduced me that when whenever I feel lost, I show just listen and I will fear and feel the flame in my heart. Thanks to music, I am no longer in the fields of broken dreams. Here is to you samba and classical music. You keep me in sync with the world.